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Anonymous wondered, so i was wondering if you can fake a tweet including a picture??

Yes i can. I don’t do for Anon though…

posted 5 months ago

styleswifey wondered, How do you make fake tweets?
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styleswifey wondered, Hi, love I was wondering, what app or website do you use to make your fake tweets? x

I don’t use either. I’ll be making a tutorial on how i make it. Look out for it :)

posted 6 months ago

hashtagbrethren wondered, Can you make an edit using the twitter @andreasoto2163 from Harry /and or / Niall?
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teenage-reject wondered, i hope im doing this right but could you make an edit of liam saying "happy sweet sixteen sam" or just a happy birthday for me?? if you can that would be amazing. my twitter is @skinnyloveliam. thanks i guess.. :)
posted 6 months ago

Requested by; When her sweet dreams turn into an endless night

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stylesxelite wondered, Hiya! it's @vogueestyles! Would you make a Harry Styles tweet for me, saying " "@vogueestyles: ellen degeneres is so hilarious" and shes deGeneres person too" like he's quoting my tweet tysm bby ilysm if u would and without picture please. i would forever owe u a pizza oh
posted 6 months ago

Requested  by; Elite Runaway..

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can-u-not-lol wondered, can you do one for my friend from Niall and it says " want to wish my best girl @kylaweinman a very happy birthday. I love you baby :) xx "
posted 6 months ago

Requested by; Untitled

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darkblackfog-deactivated2014040 wondered, @sexfthazza for Harry and i just want you to say i love my girl or something like that
posted 6 months ago

Requested by; Life Sucks.

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marsbaraliceeee wondered, Could I please have one from David beckham saying 'Happy birthday to my youngest daughter Alice, love you lots princess' Doesn't have to be a picture x

He doesn’t have an official twitter account that i’m aware of..?

posted 6 months ago

f-ashionfades wondered, Hi, could you do a fake tweet from Zayn to me (@Leah_Bunny), something about going on vacation together? Thanks boo xxx
posted 6 months ago